This summer we will dive into the Book of Nehemiah with a 10-week sermon series called ”RETURN FROM EXILE.” The series began June 23 and will continue through August 25th with a special treat to finish things off on September 1st. Don’t forget to bring your Bibles to worship!  If you missed a week, each week's recording can be found hereJoin us on September 1st for a visit from Nehemiah himself!

Nehemiah was an exiled Jew living in Susa (modern day Iran) when God called him to led the returning Jews in the rebuilding of the Wall of Jerusalem, bringing to completion the previously stalled reconstruction of the Second Temple compound started by Ezra. The modern world is filled with exiled people of every sort who daily experience alienation as a dominant mood of the times. The emerging church of Jesus Christ is called to build a place to which all exiles may come to find a homeland.



We are always working to increase our spiritual connection to God.  We hope you’ll find that the Spirit is active among us, leading us into new ministries and outreach to the community. It’s an exciting time and place, and we’re excited to be serving our community far and wide.



We believe that the door to a relationship with God is always open. So are the doors to our church. We try to show God’s love and concern for our fellow man at every opportunity. We feel a real sense of belonging and family and hope to extend those feelings to others.



We look for ways to be God's earthly hands and do his work on earth by serving others.  Whether it be planting a garden to share food with local food pantries or collecting clothing to share with those in need, we hope to be a blessing to others because God has so generously blessed us.

Sunday's Sermon

September 1, 2019

12th Sunday after Pentecost

Week 11 of "RETURN FROM EXILE", our summer study series on Nehemiah


Sermon Text: Nehemiah 1-6

What would you do if a biblical character came from the past to lead your worship service? Well, that's exactly what happened at Amazing Grace today! Nehemiah, himself, led our Service of Word & Hymns to cap off our study of his story and encouraged us on our journey here in Granite Falls!

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