• Tim Bolick

January 2020 Newsletter

A Message from the Pastor:

Dear Friends in Christ,

In 1971, a man named Jim Reid moved to Florida to work for Walt Disney World as a surveyor. In his spare time Reid took up scuba diving and searched for sunken treasures in old shipwrecks. One day, during his lunch hour at Walt Disney World, Jim decided to put on his scuba gear and dive into a water hazard at one of the Disney golf

courses. To his amazement, he discovered in that tiny lake thousands of lost golf balls. Telling the course manager about his discovery, he was offered ten cents a ball for all the balls he could retrieve. Soon, Reid discovered that he could make almost as much in one day from retrieving lost balls as he could working a week as a surveyor.

Soon, Jim Reid decided to quit his job as a surveyor at Walt Disney World to submerge himself in his new business of golf ball diving. He called his business “Second Chance” and by 1994, the business was doing so well, Reid sold it for $5.1 million. Jim Reid made a good living finding golf balls that others thought were lost. It wasn’t easy work, but it brought him unexpected rewards.

Jim Reid is not the only one who specializes in retrieving lost things. God is the ultimate finder and redeemer of the lost. The Triune God of the Bible is the God of Second Chances. No matter how irretrievable our lives may seem at times, God never gives up on us and dives deeper than anyone to bring us back to the surface, back into the game, as pearly white gems of godly favor.

As you venture into the early days of this new year and decade, remember that by God’s grace you have been given the power to start over, freshly redeemed from the murky waters of life’s misfired aim, renewed and polished to play another day, another game.

Start anew in 2020 and find your priceless value in Christ’s redeeming grace!


Pastor Frank

Lunch and Learn Returns January 7th


This month, we start a new section in our study of The Revelation of John, beginning in the 12th chapter. All are welcome to attend. During the study of this module, we will also explore a 19th century Christian movement that drastically shaped how some Christians read the last sections of The Revelation of John. Bring lunch, a Bible, a friend and join us! Tuesdays from noon until 1:30 pm.


Monday Night Yoga/Qigong continues every Monday night at 7:00pm.

Church Council

The Church Council Retreat is scheduled for January 11th at 8:30am - 12:30pm in the main building. The January Church Council meting will be held January 13th at 7:00pm in the Annex.

Souper Bowl Sunday

There is a global consensus among experts that the year 2030 is an ambitious but attainable target date to end extreme poverty and hunger. On Sunday, February 2nd

we will get out the donation soup pots once again for the Souper Bowl of Caring to help end food insecurities and hunger in our area. Every $1 donated becomes over $30 spending power for local charities. Canned soups are also appreciated. Donations are equally distributed among South Caldwell Christian Ministries and Hickory Soup Kitchen. Contact Ellen Crider with questions.

Trivia – Americans spent $5 billion on food/snacks for last year’s Super Bowl Game!

Pastor's Book Club Recommendation for January 2020

LIFE TOGETHER, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In 1939, Pastor Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer secretly taught seminarians in an underground seminary in Third Reich era Germany. He wrote LIFE TOGETHER to formulate and communicate a theology of human community to his students. Bonhoeffer lived through the Weimar Period in Germany following World War 1, where extreme left communists and extreme right fascists fought to control the fate of Germany. He watched the breakdown of human community that followed the First World War. He saw the specter of Hitler’s dark Nazi vision looming over the future. At just such a time, when hatred, suspicion and deep national division were on the rise, Bonhoeffer lifted up a biblically grounded, spiritually rich vision of Christian love and harmony, showing the way out of death-wielding impasses in human community. Wonderfully written in easy-to-read language, this is a timeless reflection on why finding Christ at the center of human community is our best hope for life-affirming peace.

$11.69 Paperback at Amazon.

Thank Yous

Thank you to one of our members for the generous gift of a 75" TV and stand.

Thank you to the Worship Ministry Team and others that decorated for Advent and Christmas. Also to those who donated Poinsettias to add to the beauty of our worship center at Christmas. Thank you to the Youth Ministry Team, Jennifer Berry and our children for their Christmas Skit.

Thank you to the Fellowship Ministry Team for all their work this year in hosting and preparing our meals and refreshments at special times of the year.

Thank you to those that participated in the Angel Tree, filling an Advent basket, food for SCCM, and all the other projects that you participated in.

Thank you to all the members of Amazing Grace for all you do no matter whether it is big or small. We couldn't accomplish what we do without everyone's HELP.


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