• Tim Bolick

June 2018 Newsletter

Website Redesign

We have redesigned the website to pair up better with the brochure that we've been using and also to work with our "Grow. Love. Serve." graphic. These are also tied to the three things people look for in a church - spiritual connection, a sense of belonging, and opportunities to serve. This should give us a more consistent look across all of our materials, which is important in establishing a recognizable presence. The website is http://www.amazinggraceelca.org. Please feel free to let Tim Bolick know your opinion on the changes and certainly point out any typos, etc.

Thank you from the Outreach Team

Thanks to all who made the Living Waters trip successful. Donations, assisting with loading, driving and delivering are all keys to this important ministry.

Thanks to Gail and crew for lovely Mother's day with gifts and snacks.

Thank you to all who brought pantry and snack items for Hospice, for patients and family members.

Fellowship Team

Gail Wilcox's Group, from the Fellowship Team, is responsible for refreshments following worship in June.

Father's Day, June 17, the Fellowship Team will be providing special refreshments in honor of our fathers.

Church Council

Church Council will meet June 11 – 7PM

Women of the ELCA

WELCA will meet June 10 following worship.

Golden Agers

Golden Agers will meet June 14 11:30 AM at Bethany Lutheran

Congratulations to our Graduate!

Emma Crider will graduate from South Caldwell High School summa cum laude. She will attend Appalachian State University in the fall to study Environmental Sciences Law and Policy. Emma enjoyed her high school years by playing volleyball, winning several national academic and leadership awards, being voted class clown and prom queen. Way to go Emma, you’ve grown up so fast! Continue your upward trajectory and keep God in your heart for guidance.


Our Christian love and sympathy is extended to Martha Hartley and Family at the recent death of her husband and our member and brother in Christ Ralph Hartley.

Also to Millie Strange and husband Ned and Keith Hedrick and wife Debbie and all the family at the recent death of their mother and our dear member Vera Hedrick.

May the comforting presence of our Lord Jesus be with all of you in the days to come.

Thank you notes

Thanks to all of you for the nice card and for the beautiful vase and flowers that you gave us on our last Sunday. We will be able to use the vase on our kitchen table with garden flowers all summer. Amazing Grace will always be in our heart and prayers. God's Blessings, Al and Beverly

Thank you to Tim Bolick for redesigning our website and all the many other things he does for Amazing Grace. Great job!!

Thank you to the Youth and Outreach Ministry Teams for making the arrangements for amazing Grace to have a booth at the Butterfly Festival in Hudson. Also thank you to those who volunteered to help with greeting and sharing God's love, giving out popcorn, and helping children plant flower seeds in a pot to take home.

Dear Amazing Grace,

Thank you for your contribution to the Teachers Closet Network. We appreciate and look forward to your continued support.

Teachers Closet Network

Thank you to the children for your gift of $130.00 (from Children's Church) in support of the ELCA Good Gifts. With generosity you have made a gift that will change a life.

Memorial Day

Music filtering through the atmosphere touching heart and soul, releasing tears of patriotism as they fall gently into our pool of freedom, giving us the knowledge of love for one another, as our soldiers sacrifice for the United States. Hearts flying like the red, white and blue on our shoulders, displaying our pride out in the open. Furling and unfurling in freedom's breeze, acknowledging rights and freedom of our nation, standing erect, watching, protecting our piece of God-given earth. All branches of service united under one flag, doing their jobs for all of us - so we will always be free.

Thank you to our veterans and their families for the sacrifices that you have made so that we may live in a free country and have the freedom we enjoy so freely each and every day.

Happy Father's Day!

Until you have a son of your own... you will never know the joy, the love beyond feeling that resonates in the heart of a father as he looks upon his son.


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