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November 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

A Message from the Pastor:

Greg Anderson, in Living Life on Purpose tells a story about a man whose wife had left him. He became depressed and had lost faith in himself, in other people, and in God. His anger at the injustice he experienced kept him from finding any joy in living.

One rainy morning this man went to a small neighborhood restaurant for breakfast. Although several people were at the diner, no one was speaking to anyone else. The place was as silent as a library but for the clink of silverware on dishes. The divorced man hunched over the counter, stirring his coffee with a spoon, brooding about what he had lost and how unfair life had become.

In one of the small booths along the window sat a young mother with a little girl. When the waitress brought their food, the little girl broke the silence almost shouting, "Momma, why don't we say our prayers here?" The waitress who had just served their breakfast turned around and laughed, "Sure, honey, go ahead. Say a prayer for us?" The waitress turned and looked at the rest of the people in the

restaurant who had been startled by the young girl’s shout. The waitress said, "Bow your heads!"

Surprisingly, one by one, the heads went down. The little girl then bowed her head, folded her hands, and said, "God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our food. Amen."

The prayer changed the atmosphere in the room. People began to talk with one another, stranger with stranger. The waitress hefted a load of dishes on her shoulder with a smile, "We should do that every morning."

The divorced man mentioned the little girl’s prayer of appreciation the next morning to the waitress. He said his whole frame of mind started to improve from the little girl’s example. He started to thank God for all that he did have and stopped majoring in all that he didn’t have. And for the first time since his wife left him, he began to appreciate life again.

As people of faith who live daily in a state of unearned grace, children of God who are inheritors of the promise accorded to Abraham, no matter what circumstances may greet us, we do well to meet the day with a spirit of appreciation. The disposition of appreciation is the supernatural afterglow of grace, the attitude of blessing that looks at life differently, expectedly, and openly, realizing that the worst day is already undergirded by God’s mighty act of sacrifice, love and giftedness. So, this season, I encourage you to remember the cross of Jesus Christ daily, the deepest source for gratitude whose gift we receive in Baptism.

As the waitress said of the little girl’s prayer, “We should do that every morning.” It changes everything.

Happy November!


Pastor Frank

All Saints' Sunday

All Saints' Sunday, a universal festival of the church. It celebrates not only the martyrs and saints, but also all the people of God, living and dead, who together form the mystical body of Christ. Sunday November 3 we will remember Jim Stone who passed away since last All Saints' Sunday. Please keep Carol Stone and her family in your prayers.

Bible Study Continues in November

LUNCH AND LEARN will begin Tuesday, November 5 from 12:00-1:00. We will be studying the book of Revelations. Bring a bag lunch. This will take the place of the Wednesday night Bible Study. Please bring a friend.

Veteran's Day

In honor of Veteran's Day, we will be paying special tribute to our veterans during our service on November 10. Following worship finger foods and desserts will be served. Please plan on bringing your favorite dish to share. Everyone is welcome to stay for lunch.

Congregational Meeting

A Congregational Meeting will be held after service on November 17 to approve the budget for 2020.

Church Council

Church Couci will meet November 11 at 7:00pm.

Prime Timers

Prime Timers will meet November 20, 1pm at Wendy's in Viewmont. Dutch treat. If you would like to carpool, please be at the church by 12:30pm. Invite a friend or neighbor to join you.

Thanksgiving Dinner

We will be sharing a Thanksgiving meal on Sunday, November 17 following worship. Meats will be provided, please plan on bringing vegetables and desserts to share.

Community Thanksgiving Service

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with a special Community Service at Grace Chapel United Methodist Church on November 24 at 6:00pm. Please plan on attending.

Christmas Parade

The youth and their advisers are asking for donations of candy for the Christmas parade. They also need volunteers to help decorate or ride/walk along with the youth to hand out candy the day of the event. See Jennifer Berry for additional information.


The Worship Committee will be using Poinsettias again this year to decorate the worship center for Christmas. The cost of a plant from the greenhouse, wrapped and bowed is $10. The plants may be given in honor or in memory of individuals. An insert will be in the Sunday bulletin soon for you to place your order.

Yoga/Qigong Exercise Class

Please plan to come often to the Yoga/Qigong combination exercise class every Monday from 7:00 – 7:45pm! It’s designed to relax, restore or invigorate and is for all ages and body types. Leave feeling great! No prior experience or special props required. A Free Will Offering is collected with 100% funding going to Amazing Grace. Class is taught by Amazing Grace member Ellen Crider, Yoga Therapist.

Thank you!

Gerald and Judy Pope would like to thank everyone for Gerald's birthday cards and get well cards.

Pastor's Book Club Selection for November

November is a good month for remembrance - a time of gathering with friends and family, talking about the events of our lives, sharing new tales and new dreams. It’s the perfect month to read Frederick Buechner’s heart-felt, gorgeously written, spiritual memoir of a life lived in awareness and appreciation of the presence of God. Buechner relates in the minute details of life, in the happy and unhappy accidents that weave together a life lived with God what faith looks like in daily life. If you are a fan of Anne Lamott and other spiritual memoirist writers, you have to read Buechner’s The Sacred Journey. Available from Amazon for $10.11 in paperback.

A Thankful, Grateful Heart

Lord, give me a thankful heart,

one that is appreciative

one that to all Your blessings

is attuned and sensitive.

Let it be a heart,

that sings its daily praise

let it be my heartfelt gratitude

that to You I earnestly raise.

Let me have a heart,

truly thankful for all things

no matter what in my life

You should choose to bring

Let my heart flow with,

the rivers of Your peace

so my appreciation to You

I may continually release.

Lord, give me a thankful heart,

one that is steadily hopeful

let it be the heart of one . . .

who is truly, forever grateful!

What is a tithe?

When was the last time you used the word “tithe” in a conversation?

If I were a gambling man, I’d bet never.

The word “tithe” isn’t thrown around often in everyday conversations. But this doesn’t mean it’s an insignificant concept for Christians.

In fact, it’s a pretty straightforward concept anyone can understand.

Here's the definition of tithe:

A “tithe” is a tenth.

In the Bible, a tithe is when you give 10 percent of your annual earnings, produce, or possessions.

In the Old Testament, we observe Abraham and Jacob offering a tithe to God in Genesis 14 and 28. What is more, the Israelites were commanded to tithe from what they earned and produced during the year. (Lev. 27:30; Num. 18:25–28; Deut. 14:22–24; 2 Chron. 31:5–6).

How to Be an Average Christian

Don't leave the boat

  • Matthew 14:25-32: We can do the impossible with the power of Christ.

  • Are we willing to take chances, or do we just sit back and do nothing?

  • Matthew 25:14-30: What are you doing with the talents God has given you?

Proverbs 22:29

  • How do you want to stand before the King?

  • As an excelling Christian or an average one?


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